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Diphone D10 Plus

DiPhone is a state-of-the-art IP desktop phone incorporating ergonomic design, ease-of-use functionality, and the full power of IP telephony on the desktop. With a built in dial up modem it can be used with or without high-speed broadband connection. The user can select either IP network or the PSTN, whichever is the least cost for each call.

The built-in dual port Ethernet switch can be used to connect the PC and IP phone on the same 10/100 base-T LAN, reducing wiring costs and complexity. The IP Phone also has a PSTN port, allowing you to dial out on the IP network through 56K build in modem.


Entering the networking configuration menu:

  1. Press the # sign at the same time the IP Phone is powered up.
  2. You will be prompted for a password. The factory default user password is1234.
  3. Enter your password and press the Spk button. You will see a configuration menu:

0 Static   1 DHCP    2 PPPOE    3 Modem


If your connection type is Modem:

  1. Press 3 to show dialnumber. > Press Spk to input ISP dial up number.> Press Spk to confirm.
  2. Press Vol(+) to show pppid (dialup user id). > Press Spk to input your pppid. > Press Spk to confirm.
  3. Press Vol(+) to show ppppin (dialup password). > Press Spk to input pppin. > Press Spk to confirm.
  4. Press Vol(+) to finish setting. The phone will reboot automatically activate the configuration.

Hint on how to enter username kcl' in the phone number pad: 555 2222 5555
Hint on how to correct wrong input:
Press the Vol(-) to delete the previous input.


Other Network Connection Type

Static IP type:

  1. Press 0 to show current IP # . > Press Spk to input or change local IP. For example, if you have an actual IP address of, you have to press 1 0 * 1 9 * 2 0 * 6 3 > press Spk button to confirm.
  2. Press Vol(+) to show the net-mask. > Press Spk to modify it. For example, if you have a net-mask of, press 2 5 5 * 2 5 5 * 2 5 5 * 248 > press Spk to confirm.
  3. Press Vol(+) to show the router IP . > Press Spk .to modify it. For example if your router IP # is 10.19.20, it can be set by pressing 1 0 * 1 9 * 2 0 * 1 and then p ress Spk to confirm.
  4. Press Vol(+) to show the DNS You can setup your DNS 1 and 2 by the same way. Press Vol(+) to finish 

PPPoE IP type:

  1. Press 2 to show your pppid (PPPoE username). > Press Spk to input a new ISP user name . Press Spk to confirm.
  2. Press Vol(+) to show your ppppin (password). > Press SPk to input ISP password . Press Spk to confirm.
  3. Press Vol(+) to finish setting.

DHCP IP type:

Press 1


To access web-based configuration (if needed)

Press the Power status button on the phone. You will hear IP number or see it on the LCD display. Enter this IP number on a browser of a computer that is in the same network that the phone is in. A configuration screen will appear:


Make calls!

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