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D-Link DPH-541, Version 1

The following screen images represent a recommended configuration of the D-Link DPH-541 Version 1 phone for use on the BroadVoice VoIP service. These parameters need to be manually entered using the device's web server GUI.

Please setup the wireless connection from your phone to the access point per the Quick Install Guide, "Setting Up Your Phone".

  1. Obtain the IP address of the phone from the by selecting "Status" from the initial display.

  2. In a web browser, enter the IP address of the phone.

  3. If you have not changed the default Username and Password, enter "admin"for the username and "admin" for the password. If the default username and password has been modified enter the modified values into the username and password fields.

  4. Select "SIP Settings" on the left hand side of the menu.

  5. Select Configure to the right of the default SIP Access List.

  6. Enter the following into the parameters:

    • SIP Account Name:
    • Phone Number: xxxxxxxxxx (enter your sip phone number).
    • Authentication ID: xxxxxxxxxx (enter your sip phone number).
    • Authentication Password: xxxxxxxx (enter your Authentication Password, this can be found by logging into your portal at and selecting the Account Tab). Under the Account Tab in the My Devices section select "Show Settings". The Authentication Password is the field marked "auth_password". Enter the value that appears to the right of the auth_password field. Please remember that the password is case sensitive.
    • SIP Domain:
    • Proxy Address:
    • Port: 5060
    • Outbound Address: leve blank.
    • Port: 5060
    • Local Port: 5060
    • Register Timer (sec): 3600
    • Codes: G.729
    • Pkt Time (ms): Default
    • OutofBand DTMF: On

  7. Select "Save".
    If everything was successfully entered, "Settings Saved Successfully" will be displayed at the top to the screen.

  8. Power the phone off then power it back on. If the phone has successfully registered to the phone number will be displayed on the screen after several minutes.

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