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How to Use with your SIP device

You need a username and password in order to call via our network. So first sign up with

You can use with the following types of Sip devices:

  • SIP ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter)
  • SIP Router
  • xDSL Modem

  • The most devices are equipped with a combination of the following ports.

    Example 1

    (this is merely an example layout, every type of device can be different)

    Example 2

    (this is merely an example layout, every type of device can be different)

  • (A)DSL: connect your line from your (A)DSL provider (not available on a ATA)
  • WAN: connect your line from your xDSL modem/router
  • LAN: port for your (home) network, you can connect e.g. your PC, lap-top or wireless router
  • PHONE: here you can connect your analogue telephone
  • LINE: connect your analogue (PSTN) telephone line
  • USB: you can connect PC or lap-top with a free USB port

    Some SIP devices have more than one LAN port and/or PHONE port available.

    For the hardware connections from your SIP device look at the above information and your user manual.
    After connecting the hardware you have to make sure that your software is installed and configured the right way.

    Software configuration

  • General

  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar :
  • Proxy server :
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your username
  • Password : your password
  • Display name/number : your username or sip number
  • Stunserver (optional) :
  • Stunserver Port (optional) : 3478


  • G.711 (64 kbps)
  • G.726 (32 kbps)
  • G.729 (8 kbps)
  • G.723 (5.3 & 6.3 kbps)

    If you have audio problems:
    Use a STUN server (e.g. with port 3478 (if supported by your device)
    Use the G.711 codec
    For more specific technical information, please visit the FAQ-pages.

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