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InnoMedia MTA 6328Re (used by many service providers including SunRocket)

Note: To find the password and instructions to access the configuration settings, check with your service provider or search "smithonvoip" in Google.

The standalone InnoMedia MTA 6328Re is compatible with any standard analog telephone set, the MTA 6328Re delivers voice quality and features equivalent or superior to those of PSTN. Its versatile and open system interfaces provide the flexibility to work with many different networks (HFC cable, ADSL, fiber, wireless) and broadband access devices.

The MTA 6328Re allows users to share their broadband connection throughout their home network by either connecting a PC or a hub into the MTA downlink port. Its data rate limiting feature ensures voice quality during phone calls by automatically throttling down data throughput and reserving bandwidth for voice whenever a call is in progress.


Turn off provisioning if you have not done this already. To do this, go to NETWORK -> Provisioning setting. Uncheck the "Enable Provisioning" box and hit the "Save and Reboot" button. After rebooting, you may not be able to login to the admin account since the reboot will default to index.htm. Hit CANCEL, and go to » to login.

Login with the required password.

Go to VOIP -> SIP Proxy and enter these settings:

  1. SIP Proxy -
  2. Uncheck "Use Outbound Proxy" box
  3. SIP Local Signaling Port: 5065
  4. SIP Domain:
  5. Registration Expiration time: 60
  6. Preferred Codecs List: G729a
  7. Choose "NONE" for all others.
  8. Click "Save" button.

Go to VOIP -> User Account.

  1. Choose Line 1 from dropdown
  2. User ID: Your Virtual Phone Number
  3. Password: SIP password that you set (by default this is the same password you use to login to the On-line Control Panel
  4. User Name: Same as User ID above
  5. Authentication ID:  Leave this field Blank
  6. Use Hot Phone Number: NO
  7. Hot Phone Number:
  8. Use T38 FAX: No
  9. Click "Save" button
Gizmo config

Reboot your cable/dsl modem, then reboot your device, and power-cycle your phone (if it is a powered phone). Check under the "information" to see if line 1 is registered.

If your phone shows as registered, pick up the phone and make calls using


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