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Linksys SPA 3000 3102 9000

Linksys SPA
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Linksys SPA-3000 features one POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports for connection to existing analogue phones, fax machines, PBX and key system communication platforms AND one port for connection to existing analogue phone lines.

The Linksys SPA-3000 features VoIP adapter functionality found in the Linksys SPA-2000 with the additional benefit of an integral connection for legacy telephone netwok "hop-on, hop-off" applications. Linksys SPA-3000 users will be able to leverage their broadband phone service connections more than ever by automatically routing local calls from cell phones and land lines to a VoIP service provider and vice versa.

A typical user calling from a land line or mobile phone will be able to reduce and even eliminate international and long distance telephone charges by first calling their Linksys SPA-3000 via a local phone number or by using a telephone connected directly to the unit. The advanced authentication and call routing intelligent programmed into the Linksys SPA-3000 will connect the caller via the Internet to the far end destination with security and ease. Using the Linksys SPA-3000 at the far end, calls can be answered immediately or further processed as a local call to any legacy land line or mobile phone allowed by the Linksys SPA-300 dial plan.

Linksys SPA

If power and/or IP network connectivity is lost to the the unit or the VoIP service is down, calls can be sent to a traditional carrier via the FXO interface.

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