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Nokia E51 Upgrade for latest VoIP/SIP support

Nokia N80ie
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Do you need to upgrade your Nokia cellular phone E51 ? Why should you want to do this? The new firware has enhanced VoIP/sip support which allows you to make WLAN phone calls, better WLAN support, new internet applications and some bug fixes.

The upgrade process is confusing but this step by step guide should help you out. Before you begin you will need a USB cable, NSS (Nemesis Service Suite), Nokia Software Updater (NSU) and Nokia PC Suite to back up your data. You first need to determine if you have a branded or unbranded Nokia cellular phone E51. The Nokia updater software will not let you upgrade the firmware if it determines you have a branded Nokia phone. But thats ok as you can unbrand it! This step also works if you want to change the region your phone is in from say Europe to somewhere else.

Install the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) and choose to not install virtual USB drivers. Connect the USB cable to the Nokia cellular phone E51 and select PC Suite mode. Run the program and in the upper right hand corner click on the magnifying glass icon. The software will run some tests and then when its done click the Phone Info tab. In the Production Data Edit section click the Read button. The status bar will show that its reading values and then there should be a number in the Product Code: field. If you want to change regions then enter the product code for the new region. Choose carefully as you cannot change this value again until a new firmware is released. Before entering the new product code, write down the old one! The product codes can be found on the internet. Try this search and add your region (usa, europe, etc...). Enter in the new product code, click the Enable check box and then click the Write button.

At this point you could backup your phone with the Nokia PC Suite. Once youve backed up your data, run the Nokia Software Updater. This will check your phone and let you know if there are any firmware updates available. Expect a very long wait while the software runs its checks. Also expect to run the check a few times before it will find the firmware upgrade. When it finds it, follow the prompts to get the firmware loaded. Do not touch the Nokia cellular phone, USB cable, computer, microwave, telephone, radio or anything at all nearby while it is upgrading the firmware. Better yet just leave for awhile and then come back to check on it. After it has upgraded the firmware you are done!

FonoSIP config

Here you can find Nokia SIP settings for voip setup configuration guide with service.


Go to Tools / Settings / Connection / SIP settings. Create the following profile

Profile Name:

Profile: IETF Default

Access point: (your WLAN AP name)

Public user name: ( Instead of 812345 account number example, use the account number assigned to you when signed up for service. When recorded your phone will show )

Use Compression: No

Registration: "Always on "

Use Security: No



You do not need to enter Proxy Server settings

Proxy Server Address: none

Registrar Server:none

Realm: none

User Name: none



Enter the following for Registrar Server settings

Registrar Server: (When recorded your phone will show


User Name: 812345 (Instead of 812345 account number example, use the account number assigned to you when signed up for service. )

Password: Enter the password that you chose when you signed up for the service.

Transport Type: UDP

Port: 5060



Go to connection / Internet Tel. Settings

Create a new profile for "fonosip"(812345), name it "fonosip"

In Connectivity / Internet tel. / Preferred profile

Choose "fonosip"



Reboot your phone. Once your phone is back on it will automatically register to

Once it is registered you can start making calls.

Default call type: To switch between normal GSM calls or VOIP calls, navigate to Tools / Settings / Call / Default call type. Select Cellular to make normal calls to the phone number or Internet to use VoIP to call the number or address

Make Calls!

To dial any phone number that is part of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:

1 + Area Code + Phone number

To dial any phone number that is outside of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:

00 + Country Code + City Code + Phone number

For example if you want to call Brazil (country code 55) phone number in Rio de Janeiro (city code 21) you must dial 00-55-21-phone number.

Optional - Nokia SIP Configuration Application

Nokia has a new application to configure the preferred codec, NAT settings, STUN, VoIP over 3G, etc. for Nokia N and E Series mobile phones.
  • Download application here
  • User manual available here This application can be used to configure VoIP settings on the terminal UI. You can create new VoIP profiles and modify the existing ones, and create and modify VoIP parameters and NAT/Firewall traversal settings and that are normally not visible on the device UI, such as codec settings and SIP domain-specific NAT/FW settings. It is also possible to save all the VoIP profile settings to a text file.

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