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FREE - Secure Ecryption OpenVPN Access

Secure encryption OpenVPN access, available for any softphone on windows, mac, linux, windows mobile. Can also be used with hardware phones behind openwrt or linux routers/gateways.

In addition to providing private calls, connecting to the FonoSIP or server using the VPN has the following benefits:

  • Can improve the quality of your voip connection since most ISPs give priority to encrypted UDP traffic.
  • Can solve ISP filtering (in UAE or Mexico for example)
  • Can solve firewall or NAT traversal problems.

    Install the OpenVPN 2.1 Client and Keys

  • Download the OpenVPN windows client from this link
  • OpenVPN for Windows Mobile from this link
  • demo account key files

    OpenVPN 2.1 Client Quickstart for Windows

    The OpenVPN Client requires a configuration file and key/certificate files. You can use a free demo account downloading these files. Extract them to to \Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

    To start OpenVPN, first run the OpenVPN GUI by double clicking the desktop icon. Note that on Windows Vista, you will probably need to run the OpenVPN GUI with administrator privileges, so that it can add routes to the routing table that are pulled from the OpenVPN server. You can do this by right clicking on the OpenVPN GUI desktop icon, and selecting "Run as administrator".

    The OpenVPN GUI is a system-tray applet, so an icon for the GUI will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. Right click on the system tray icon, and a menu should appear showing the names of your OpenVPN configuration files, and giving you the option to connect.

    SIP Phones config

    No configuration changes are required on your sip phones. But you need to use a free account, or the premium account


    Q: What are the advantages of your VPN services for my VOIP business?

    You get tons of benefits from our VPN services:

  • 1. VOIP Traversal (nobody can block your VOIP traffic) - your local ISP can't block your VOIP calls any more. Through VPN service, all VOIP data are encrypted with 1024 bits SSL and tunneled within VPN packets. Your VOIP traffic doesn't run on famous VOIP ports, no SIP signal packet pattern can be matched by ISP.
  • 2. Privacy & Security (nobody can find out that you are running VOIP traffic) - your local ISP can't figure out what applications you are running with the internet connection, and the highest encrypted VPN packet doesn't make any sense to the network monitor. Thus, no one can find that you are running VOIP traffic through the network, and on one can sniff the VOIP phone call conversation.
  • 3. Flexibility (you can run VOIP service with any kind of internet connection) - the VPN router works with almost any kind of network connection, it can always establish reliable and steady VPN connection with our VPN Servers, even you have only dynamic or private IP for the internet.
  • 4. Convenience (you get static public IP for your VOIP device) - with a static public IP, you can easily run VOIP inbound or traffic exchange service, no headache NAT port mapping or DMZ setting required any more. Some VOIP gateways or VOIP softswitch which don't support NAT traversal also work 100% in such a deployment.
  • 5. Phone call quality (get better voice quality with higher Mean Opinion Score MOS result) - People may get surprised but it's true, that in professional tests, under the same network condition, SSL VPN network provides better voice quality than regular network.

    Q: I am told that using VOIP crossing the VPN system can actually improve the voice quality, is it true?

    Yes, that's true. Our solution is industry advanced 1024 bits SSL based VPN network, the improvement of voice quality (as measured by MOS scores) comes to encapsulating the UDP VOIP voice packets ( RTP and RTCP ) into TCP/IP. Please refer to some professional publishings concerning this topic:

    Network World - Test shows VoIP call quality can improve with SSL VPN links link

    O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Strangely - SSL VPNs can help VoIP call quality link

    Linux LiveCD VoIP Server Administrator Manual

    Download Free VoIP Base Book - 80 pages 550K PDF

    Linux LiveCD VoIP Server Administrator Manual 220 pages, 30 ilustrations and diagrams. New stun and encryption chapters. PDF Format US$39. Lulu softcover book available.
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