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Articulation for PalmOS

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Do you want to save money on you cell phone bill? - Articulation may be for you. If you are near a WiFi hostspot you can use your PDA to make telephone calls at a fraction of the price of a cell phone call.

Articulation is an easy to use application that turns your Palm PDA into a VoIP Phone, enabling you to make and receive telephone calls using the internet. Articulation is the first service independent VoIP phone for PalmOS. In order to use articulation you need a Palm PDA that has the following:

  • PalmOS 5.x and above.
  • Palm based PDA with speaker and microphone (T|X & T5 need external mic)
  • Wireless internet connection (Wifi/Bluetooth/GPRS/EDGE/EVDO)
  • Treo 600/650/700p using GPRS/EDGE/EVDO

    SIP Account Configuration:

    Use the following data to configure
    Your Name
    812345 (your sip number)
    your password

    Documentation and Manuals

  • Download and try today
  • Software publisher

    Mobile Data Service (GPRS/EDGE/EVDO)

    Applies to Treo 600/650/700p

    The Treo smartphones have the ability to connect to a data service provided by your Mobile Phone Service provider. Normally this is an extra package that you can purchase on top of your voice call package. If you wish to use this service for VoIP you should go for an unlimited data package as VoIP can use a large amount of bandwidth and would be very expensive if billed at a per megabyte rate.

    When compared with WiFi and Bluetooth, mobile data services provide a much better range (almost universal coverage) but they provide a slower and less reliable service.

    In theory the bandwidth provided by these technologies is sufficient to offer a VoIP service, however they may have problems providing a reliable voice service and as a result voice may be subject to delays and noise. EVDO should provide the best performance of this technology.

    To setup a data service connection you should refer to your Treo documentation and your mobile phone service provider.


    Applies to LifeDrive, T|X, Tungsten C, other PDAs with WiFi card

    WiFi is a method of wirelessly linking computers together; including PDAs and Smartphones. It has a higher bandwidth and larger range than bluetooth and as a result is better solution for VoIP services. Indeed, there are many public WiFi hotspots that would allow you access to VoIP services while on the move.

    To connect to the internet you need a WiFi Access Point - this could be a public hotspot, a wireless router on your network or a PC with a WiFi USB adaptor. The user documentation supplied with your PDA should describe how to setup WiFi access to the internet.

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