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Service Numbers and Dialing Examples

8... User Make free calls to fonosip users simply by dialing the sip number
8004 Our office's answering machine
411 1-800-GOOG-411 Free 411 service
555 Shortcut to the popular 1 800 555 TELL service
511 Conference Bridge (51112 creates a new room #12)
613 Echo Test (Test quality/latency of your connection)
614 Echo Test 2
615 DTMF Test
33091 iNUM echo test
33092 iNUM dtmf test
33093 iNUM caller id test
1800... 800 numbers in USA 800 Directory
00 Calls to fixed lines or mobile phones. Prices Add Credit
001212... Calls to fixed lines in New York, Usa
005411... Calls to fixed lines in Buenos Aires, Argentina
003491... Calls to fixed lines in Madrid, Spain
00 or 011 Calls to fixed lines or mobile phones.
1 Calls to fixed lines in USA, Canada
Contry Code Lookup
Price list Complete list of land line and mobile calling prefixes and rates Add credit
1 area code list by state
Incomming PSTN Access Numbers
new PSTN Access Numbers Receive free calls from PSTN in 200+ cities new
275 Prefix to SipBroker ( list of providers you can reach)
366 Prefix from to
Toll Free Numbers Access
1800... Números 800 en USA Directorio 800
275-1-800-xxx-xxxx US 800 Toll Free Numbers using SIPBroker ENUM
275-49-800-xxx-xxxx Germany Toll Free Numbers
275-352-800-x-xxxx Luxembourg Toll Free Numbers
275-88-299-000199-xxx's public voice conference rooms (000 through 999 are the conf numbers)
275-1800... USA toll-free numbers

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