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Siemens Gigaset S685IP

The Siemens Gigaset S685 IP with integrated answering machine allows low-priced phone calls via internet as well as calls on the fixed line network - easy and without PC. As the first VoIP-phone in the Gigaset portfolio, the cordless phone offers broadband voice transmission due to HDSP, High Definition Sound Performance.

For configuration go in to settings:

ip Configuration
ip address type =obtained automatically
remote management
allow access from other networks = no

Telephony settings
connections then edit

Personal Provider Data
Authentication Name = sip id
Authentication Password = password
Username= sip id
Display Name = your name

General Provider Data
Proxy server
Proxy server port=5060
Registrar server port=5060
Registrar refresh time=3600 sec

STUN enabled=yes
STUN port=3478
STUN refresh time=240 sec
NAT refresh time=20 sec
Outbound proxy mode= no
Outbound proxy=
Outbound proxy port=

Audio Settings

Voice Quality=Own codec preference

Settings for Connections
Voip volume= high

selected codecs
remove G726

Settings for Codecs
Enable Annex B for G729=no

Click set

Dialling Plans

just set to no

Advanced Settings

DTMF over VoIP Connections

send settings
untick Audio 
and tick in RFC2833 and sip info

Hook Flash
application type=dtmf-relay
application signal=20

Listen Ports for VoIP Connections
sip port=5060
RTP port =5004
Use random ports =no

Click set

It may show as unregistered but leave for 10 mins when it will show registered

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