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SIPPS  Ahead Software AG  SIPPS is an easy to use software product that turns your PC into a multifunctional communications system. With SIPPS, you can place calls over the Internet and your LAN in excellent sound quality. 
SIP Phone  Avaz Networks  AVAZ SIP Phone is a SIP User Agent that can be used to place voice calls over the internet. It is based on AVAZ VoIP Software Architecture and has a nice user friendly GUI that makes it robust and easy to use. 
sipc  Columbia University  SIP UAC; see SipCom ( for licensing. 
VoiPZon SopftPhone  e-horizon Streaming Technologies  The VoiPZon SoftPhone is a user-friendly but powerful tool that allows users to turn their personal computer into complete multimedia/telecom centre. For example, the SoftPhone allows users to manage their service profile, see who is present, protect their identity and make use of their address book (Currently support for MS Outlook and Exchange server). The SoftPhone is independent of operating system and can be used in both Windows and UNIX environments. 
eStara SoftPHONE  eStara  Brandable, Customizable SIP software client. SIP debugging support. Multi-line, Hold, Transfer, Caller ID, Registration, inbound-outbound. Supports termination via your SIP infrastructor or eStara\'s Cisco powered SIP network: 
XPhone  Evove  XPhone replicates the functionality of a SIP telephone handset and delivers many traditional PBX features in addition to enhanced capabilities found in a SIP-based network. see 
EyeP Phone  EyeP Media SA  SDK and softphone application, NAT transparent, support of all codecs, support of all sound cards and USB peripherals, call transfer, conference call, recorder, ...  
Mint  Fokus   
EZ-Phone  Hughes  adds Hughes SIP stack to SpeakFreely 
Audiphone  Icecom  Easy to use office phone with a USB handset. 
8601  InterTel  PDA softphone 
VIC/IPAQ  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  video on Linux IPAQ 
SIP Softphone  Microappliances Inc.  Provides web based SIP telephony functions within the browser. The client supports call hold, reinvites and session timer.  
Windows Messenger  Microsoft  Windows XP UA with instant messaging support. 
Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging Service (MSN Messenger 4.6)  Microsoft  An enterprise version of MSN Messenger that allows logins to SIP and Exchange 2000 servers (in addition to the MSN server).  
Portrait  Microsoft  low-codec video; support for PCs, and pocket/handheld PCs  
SipChat  Mitre  SIMPLE client (GPLed) 
nikotel Mac/Win2Phone  nikotel  Mac and PC  
SIP Multimedia PC Client  Nortel Networks  Windows PC-based SIP agent that supports traditional telephony communications while providing additional multimedia communications services such as instant messaging, subscriber provisioned incoming call screening, real-time call disposition, web push, web co-browsing, web conferencing, file sharing, whiteboarding, and video communications. The SIP Multimedia PC Client can also work in conjunction or as a control for the i2004 Internet Telephone. 
SIP Multimedia Web Client  Nortel Networks  This web-based SIP User agent is a thin-client that uses a Web Browser on a PC platform to provide the services provided by the SIP Multimedia PC Client.  
Pingtel Phone  Pingtel  Looks like a very cool SIP phone. Programmable Java interface.  
Siemens SIP Softphone  Siemens   
LinPhone  Simon Morlant  SIP Phone for Linux 
SIPquest Collaboration Agent  SIPquest Inc.  Supports instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, desktop-sharing and Web page pushing; built-in presence; drag-and-drop user actions; buddy list; media mode migration; rebrandable for OEMs 
IPv6 SIP phone  SoftFront  IPv6 support claimed 
SJphone  SoftJoys Labs  windows version; SJPhone works on a PDA too -- with a WaveLAN card, it is a real wireless phone 
SJphone  SoftJoys Labs  linux version 
iFon  TABLETmedia, Inc.  TABLETmedia iFon is the most advanced multi-protocol H.323/SIP softphone for VoIP, videoconferencing and messaging on mobile devices. Supports G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, GSM, H.261, H.263, AEC, etc. 
tkcPhone  IM, STUN 
Helmsman SIP Deskop Agent  Ubiquity  This C++ software provides users\' desktops with real-time multimedia capabilities. The SIP Desktop Agent consists of a comprehensive call control environment supporting IM, presence management, media rendering and seamless integration with other desktop applications (Outlook, Internet Explorer and Netscape). 
Sip Center UA  Ubiquity   
KPhone  Wirlab  SIP UA for Linux 
X-PRO and X-Lite SIP User Agents  Xten Networks, Inc.  A premium SIP-based User Agent with all the features and functionality of a small business phone system. Open standards-based design allows for maximum network interoperation. PocketPC Version Also. 
LIPZ4  Zultys Technologies  FREE Linux SIP softphone has PBX functions, IM, 100 addresses, call logs, and calculator. Dial by IP address, SIP address, or number. Works end to end or with proxy, application server, or IP-PBX. 


SIP Etherphone  3com   
SIP Phone  3Com   
DTA 310 Legacy Phone Adapter  8x8  affordeable 
DV325 IP Desktop Videophone  8x8  affordeable 
SI-160  ADTech  smart card reader, encryption and authentification 
HP300 (VoxPhone)  Arrayvox Communications  IP-PBX feature telephone with LCD display and with Multi Protocol Support: 2X 10/100Base-TX port, 2X16 Character LCD Panel, Phone Book, 10 Function 10 Speed Dial  
Avaya 4602 Phone  Avaya  Supports open standard SIP call control for integration into multi-vendor SIP-based telephony environments.  
HP300, HP400, HP500  BCM  HP500 is wireless 
VideoTel ET 300  Call Image VideoTel  Hardware Ethernet SIP VIDEO Phone, (LAN, cable/DSL modems supported,compatible with non-symetric NATs by using STUN). H.263 Video Codec, G711,GSM,G723 Audio Codecs. RTCP,DTMF(RFC2833),VAD facilities 
Cisco SIP IP Phone 7960  Cisco   
Komodo Fone  Cisco (formerly Komodo)  black-phone-2-Ethernet/analog-line adapter; both H.323 and SIP; currently SIP only for the Ethernet adapter  D-Link   
DPH-70  DLink  Modem Phone with support for SIP and H.323 functionality. Supports DTMF (RFC 2833), call hold, Adaptive Jitter Buffer, Silence suppression, VAD, CNG and intellignet selection of codec based on network 
Budget Tone-100  Grandstream  Dirt Cheap: Many CODECs, RFC2833 & STUN, only dials numbers Available at: 
8662  InterTel   
netPhone  INTRACOM The netPhone is an advanced, fully-featured IP phone that makes the most of the VoIP technology, offering users not just the standard IP telephony services but also a multitude of novel features such as intuitive menus and programmable function keys.  
IP Phone 100/200  IP Ware S.l.  IP Ware IP Phone is next generation intelligent communication device, delivering the essential business communications at a touch. High quality, low cost. 
SipToneTM  ipDialog  Siptone features a full duplex speakerphone,a built in web browser for easy configuration, a dual port 10/100 Ethernet bridge and all standard features of a typical proprietary phone. Ease of use and low cost of entry were preserved by design 
Virtual Presence System  Marconi  conferencing solution with video and presence support 
5140 IP Appliance  Mitel   
5055 SIP Phone  Mitel Networks  The 5055 is a high quality SIP phone that meets the price/performance needs of business users. Also available is the 5305 desktop conference unit and the 5310 boardroom conference unit. 
Audacity-T2/T2U IP Phones  Netergy Microelectronics  Complete Evaluation and Development Kit 
AudaCity-T2U Wireless  Netergy Microelectronics  WaveLAN 
i2004 Internet Telephone  Nortel Networks  Nortel Networks\\\' SIP Hard Client is the i2004 Internet Telephone. The i2004 is an IP-enabled set that supports business features over a standard Ethernet connection. A large multi-field LCD display features six user programmable, self-labeling feature keys.  
PC Phoneset - H.323/SIP Phone  H.323/SIP Gateway and Phone In One 
Xpressa  Pingtel   
optiPoint 100 advance  Siemens  User benefits: Proven interoperability, smooth integration with SIP servers, OptiGuide menus for easy operation, scalable manufacturing, global availability, extended warranty.  
optiPoint 400 standard SIP  Siemens  SIP phone with integrated 10/100 Mbit/s mini switch, display and numerous features. 
SiPtel L01  SIP Micro   
Snom 100  STUN support. Easy to use with Graphical LCD display and 4 Softkeys. Caller Id, Hold, Divert and Transfer, Call Waiting Indication, Message Waiting Indication, Speed Dial, Phone Book, Call & Deny List, HTTP Server, Echo cancelation. Firmware upgradable over http. 
ZIP 4x4  Zultys  4 call appearances; 4 Ethernet ccts; QoS; 3x20 LCD; full duplex speaker w AEC; 2 mm headset included; ac + power over Ethernet; encryption; calculator; 35 buttons; 11 LEDs; DHCP, TFTP, NTP, DNS_SRV 
ZIP 4x5  Zultys Technologies  Built in: analog port, VPN, Firewall, NAT, DHCP, TFTP, NTP, Power over Ethernet, Bluetooth, 2.5mm headset jack, encryption, 5-port Ethernet switch, full-duplex speakerphone, intercom, voice dialling. 
 supports Xten / Counterpath SIP softphones and Internet telephony equipment such as Sipura 2000, Sipura 3000, Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2, RT31P2, WIP300. D-Link DVG-1402SL, UTstarcom F3000. Nokia E60 E61i N63 N70 N71 N95. Symbian OS. Windows Mobile 6. Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, T-Mobile Dash. Fring. Bring your Own Device BYOD. We also support Asterisk PBX, TrixBox and offer VoIP PBX software for businesses, resellers, ITSPs and campus applications. Unified Communications.