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Configuration for Online Service Providers

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Steps to configure Your SPA-1000/2000/3000

1. If you haven't already done so, sign up for an account at

2. Open a session to the SPA by typing: http://<spa ip address>.
To find out the IP address, please lift up your handset, press **** (voice menu) then press 110#

3. Click "Admin Login" in the upper right hand corner, then click "Advanced"

4. The browser will show a tabbed user interface. Select the Line 1 tab to configure a service for line 1.
Line 2 can also be configured from the Line 2 tab.

Line Configuration:

  • Click "Advanced" at the bottom of the page.
  • Click "Line 1" tab, and enter the following in the available fields:
  • Set Proxy to:
  • Set Outbound Proxy to: leave empty
  • Set "Use Outbound Proxy" to: No
  • Set User ID to your assigned your UserName
  • Password: your assigned password
  • Set "NAT keep Alive" to "yes"
  • Set "Register" to "yes"
  • Set "Register Expires" to 900
  • Set User Auth ID to no
  • Set Display Name to your  assigned UserName.
  • Set Password to your account's password (e.q. YYYYY)
  • Set "Use ObProxy in Dialog" to: no
  • Click "Provisioning" tab, set Provisioning Enable: no
  • Press the Submit All Changes at the bottom of the web page

    click on SIP  tab

    NAT Support Parameters
    Handle VIA received: Handle VIA rport:
    Insert VIA received: Insert VIA rport:
    Substitute VIA Addr: Send Resp To Src Port:
    STUN Enable: STUN Test Enable:
    STUN Server: EXT IP:
    EXT RTP Port Min: NAT Keep Alive Intvl:

    5. The Registration State in the Info tab should now display "Registered"

    Recommended Dia lPlan Setting

    (DialPlan can be at t he bottom page of your line 1 or line 2 tab at:
    http://<spa ip address >
    Click "Admin Login", then click "advanced")

    You can copy and paste the below configuration to your spa:


    If the phone fails to login, or you have one-way audio please take the time to double check your configuration as above.
    If everything appears to be correct, the problem may be your firewall
  • If your router/firewall suports DMZ, put your hardware phone in the DMZ area
  • If you have an external firewall try opening SIP ports
    SIP signalling ports (UDP) = 5060 - 5061
    DNS port (UDP) = 53
    TFTP port (UDP) = 69
    RTP/RTCP ports (UDP) = 8000 - 8001
    RTP/RTCP ports (UDP) = 10000 - 30000

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