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Pirelli DualPhone DP-L10

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This phone is a GSM/WIFI SIP phone also whitelabeled on the following devices Tovo t450g, - "Black", Arcor Twintel and T Com (T-Mobile) TC 300

Unlocking Twintel/T-Mobile/Pirelli

  • With original Firmware this Phone is IETF SIP incompatible and mostly only usable on T-Com/T-Mobile and in Your case hotspots.

    But You can use the Twintel/T-One/Pirelli Firmware publicly availlable on
    PC-Software (
    DP-L 10 Firmware (

    The guys from have partly reverse engineered the firmware so You can add extra features like 5 SIP profiles.

    But be aware You will loose any Warranty on upgrading to Pirelli Firmware and the upgrade process maybe complex and can give errors due to buggy usb drivers and maybe even kill Your phone.

    Documentation and Manuals

    Pirelli Dualphone PDF Manual

    SIP Account Configuration:

    Username: 812345 (your fonosip sip number)
    Password: ****** (your fonosip password)
    eMail-Address: empty.
    Domain name:
    Local port: 5060
    Proxy server:
    Proxy port: 5060
    Register server:
    Register port: 5060
    Register period: 3600
    Outbound server: empty
    Outbound port: 5060
    RTP audio port: 30000
    RTP pkt. period: 20
    Preferred codec: G.729
    Stun Server:
    Stun Port: 3478
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