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  • IEC tutorial VoIP This tutorial discusses the ongoing but rapid evolution of Internet telephony, the market forces fueling that evolution and the benefits that users can realize, as well as the underlying technologies. It also examines the hurdles that must be overcome before Internet telephony can be adopted on a widespread basis.
  • Voice and Fax over Internet Protocol (V/FoIP) tutorial A voice-over--Internet protocol (VoIP) application meets the challenges of combining legacy voice networks and packet networks by allowing both voice and signaling information to be transported over the packet network. A fax-over--Internet protocol (FoIP) application enables the interworking of standard fax machines with packet networks. It accomplishes this by extracting the fax image from an analog signal and carrying it as digital data over the packet network.
  • Voice Portal Solutions: An Introduction to Next-Generation Network Services; The Next Big Opportunity on the Web In its most generic sense a voice portal can be defined as "speech-enabled access to Web-based information." In other words, a voice portal provides telephone users with a natural-language interface to access and retrieve Web content. An Internet browser can provide Web access from a computer but not from a telephone. A voice portal is a way to do that.
  • Including VoIP over WLAN in a Seamless Next-Generation Wireless Environment Seamless wireless data and voice communication is fast becoming a reality. In fact, the technology to enable one phone number for broadband wireless data and voice communication is available now. The remaining issues facing handset designers, carriers and service providers as well as enterprise and residential network designers relate to questions of deployment, configuration and network architecture. One key capability in the next-generation wireless world will be Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) using 802.11 wireless local area networks (WLANs).
  • Voice Quality (VQ) in Converging Telephony and Internet Protocol (IP) Networks Voice quality (VQ) means different things, depending on one's perspective. On the one hand, it is a way of describing and evaluating speech fidelity, intelligibility, and the characteristics of the analog voice signal itself. On the other, it can describe the performance of the underlying transport mechanisms. However, VQ is defined as the qualitative and quantitative measure of the sound and conversation quality of a telephone call.
  • EAP Methods for 802.11 Wireless LAN Security Because they broadcast data on the open airways, wireless networks present unique challenges for authentication mechanisms not encountered on wired networks. This tutorial explores how wireless networks are different from wired networks with regard to authentication and presents the requirements that an authentication method must meet in order to be appropriate for wireless networks. It then considers several families of authentication methods that have been designed specifically around the needs of wireless networks - the public key certificate-based methods, the password methods, and the strong password methods.

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