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  • X-Ten Lite SIP Phone Download it free here for Windows Mac OS X or Linux.

    Or for Nokia, iPhone mobile phones download here

    How to Configure the Service ?

    On the X-Ten Lite program. Click on the MENU button (on the right of CLEAR and on the left of the green button),

    Select System Settings, SIP Proxy, Default. And enter the following info:

    Enabled: Yes
    Display Name: John Smith
    Username: 83400 (the number you chose at registration)
    Authorization User: 83400 (the number you chose at registration)
    Password: your password
    SIP Proxy:

    Configuration Screens for X-Ten Lite

    Enter the configuration data by pressing the MENU button (located at the right of the CLEAR button), System Settings, SIP Proxy, Default. As seen on the following image:

    Testing the Service

    To test the service dial 613 for an echo test (A service that test the quality / latency of your connection). Also try 411, 555, 8004, 33091

    Or dial one of the Service Numbers


    If the phone fails to login, please take the time to double check your configuration as above.
    If everything appears to be correct, the problem may be your firewall
    If your router / Firewall supports DMZ, try putting the machine with the softphone on the DMZ
    If you are running XP, try disabling the built in firewall.
    If you have an external firewall try opening SIP ports
  • SIP signalling port (UDP listen) = 5060
    RTP/RTCP ports (UDP) = 8000 - 8001
  • RTP/RTCP port (UDP listen) = 10000 - 30000 (depending on your sip phone)

    If you have any questions write to us at

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